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Tomato Sparta F1
Product No.: UBS582


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Tomato Sparta F1
Product No.: UBS582

Sparta F1 is a red tomato, excellent in taste bearing large numbers of 120 g (4,2 oz) avg. weighing fruits Its resistance to tomato mosaic virus and Cladosporium fulvum virus ensures your good harvest. Sparta can be grown outdoors, too, restricted to warm regions.

Lycopersicon lycopersicum Harvest: mid-July - September
1 packet contains: 12 seeds
Sowing method: seed and preculture at a temperature of 20-25 ° C from February to April, transplant afterwards

Never use cold tap water on this plant, water should at least have room temperature. Keep the leaves dry at all times to prevent tomato blight.


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tomato Tornado F1
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Tastier F1 tomato
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