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Yolo wonder, sweet bell (OG)
Product No.: 1BRSPA10


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Image Copyright by ReinSaat KG, Austria. This article contains genuine seeds raised by the following company: ReinSaat KG, Austria

Yolo wonder, sweet bell (OG)
Product No.: 1BRSPA10

Yolo wonder is especially productive under glass or poly film. It produces a high yield of green, thick-walled, blocky fruits. Sufficient warmth gives the fruits a deep red colour. This variety wants to be kept protected and warm outdoors.

Capsicum annuum Harvest: July - beginning of October
Very compact growth
1 packet contains: seeds for approx. 20 plants
Sowing method: greenhouse: beginning of February
Field: until mid-March
Required space per plant: approx. 40 x 60 cm (1,9x1,3 ft.)

Sowing depth 0,5 cm (0,2 in), separate when strong enough. Transplant in greenhouses in the mid of April or on open field in mid-May.


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