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Early, productive, bushy growing cocktail tomato..

Portion 1.95 EUR

Beautiful shapes..

Portion 1.95 EUR

Bigger sized fruits with high yield

Portion 2.75 EUR


Vouchers - FAQ

Our eVouchers can be bought from our shop just like regular articles. As soon as you have bought one, the voucher balance will appear beneath your shopping cart. By choosing "Send gift voucher" from the shopping cart page, you can send a voucher to a friend.
To send a voucher to a friend, log into our website and go to your shopping cart page. There, you will find the option "Send gift voucher". You will be asked for the name as well as an valid email address of the recipient, and the amount you wish to send (of course, you can also send only part of your voucher balance). Please verify all data is correct before sending.
If you receive a voucher via email, you have two ways to use it:
1. Click the link provided in the email. In case you haven't registered for our webshop yet, you can now create a login.
2. After putting an item into your shopping cart, you can enter the voucher code into the respective field.
As soon as you have entered a voucher, you can freely purchase from our shop. If your voucher balance is lower than your order total, you need to enter payment details for the differential amount. If it is higher, the rest of your voucher balance will be saved with your user account so you can use it for your next order.
Please read the "Voucher trouble" section from the "my Uncle Bob" menu on your left hand. If this does not solve the problem, please contact us at, specifying the problem, your customer number, voucher code, any error messages you encountered as well as the name and version of your browser.

If you're having trouble while redeeming an eVoucher when buying from our shop, this is most probably due to some old cookies being stored on your computer. To resolve this problem, please follow this step-by-step guide:
Click on "Tools", then "Options", then "Privacy". Choose the tab named "Cookies", then press "Show Cookies". To remove a single cookie (e.g. from, select this entry and click on the "Remove cookie" button.
Google Chrome
Click on the "Tool" icon and select "Options". Click the "Under the Hood" option. Click "Show Cookies" in the "Security" section. Select the cookie titled and click "Remove".
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Choose "internet Options" from the "Extras" menu. Look for the tab called "General", then click "Delete Cookies" in the "Temporary Internet Files" section.
Internet Explorer 7
Choose "Internet Options" from the "Extras" menu. In the section "Browser History", click "Delete". In the new window opening, delete "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies".
Klick "Reset Safari" from the "Safari" menu. Remove all options except "Clear Cache" and "Delete Cookies".
From the "Tools" menu, select "Delete Private Data", then click "Delete".


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